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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Charlottesville City Schools! All open vacancies are located below. Please click on the job title for more details about the position. To apply, Click on the "Apply" button to the right of the Job Location. After your information is completed and submitted, you will receive a confirmation number, and your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications.

Please be sure and remember your username and password for use on future applications. Temporary and Substitute Employees are not considered Internal employees.
Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Division Registrar & Office Technician - 2019-2020 School Year02/27/2020Classified/SupportCharlottesville High SchoolApply
BEST Special Education Instructional Assistant Long Term Substitute - Jackson-Via Elementary -02/26/2020Classified/SupportJackson-Via Elementary SchoolApply
Sigma Lab Tech (Hourly)02/21/2020Classified/SupportCharlottesville High SchoolApply
Early Childhood Special Ed Instructional Assistant Long Term Substitute02/18/2020Classified/SupportJohnson Elementary SchoolApply
Pre-School Instructional Assistant Long-Term Substitute02/17/2020Classified/SupportGreenbrier Elementary SchoolApply
Homebound Instructors - 2019-20 School Year02/17/2020CertifiedDivision Administration AnnexApply
Art Long Term Substitute Teacher-February 202002/10/2020CertifiedWalker Upper Elementary SchoolApply
Substitute Custodian(s) - 2019-20 School Year02/10/2020CustodialCustodial DepartmentApply
School Psychologist-2020-21 School Year02/06/2020CertifiedDivision Administration OfficeApply
Special Education Pool-2020-21 School Year02/05/2020CertifiedDivision Administration OfficeApply
School Counselor - 2020-21 School Year02/04/2020CertifiedCharlottesville High SchoolApply
Instructional Coach - 2020-21 School Year01/30/2020CertifiedVenable Elementary SchoolApply
Custodian01/28/2020CustodialCharlottesville High SchoolApply
Food Service Substitute(s) - 2019-20 School Year01/28/2020Food ServiceNutrition DepartmentApply
Assistant Baseball Coach01/23/2020CoachingBuford Middle SchoolApply
Special Education Long Term Substitute Teacher01/22/2020CertifiedCharlottesville High SchoolApply
Special Education Long-Term Substitute Teacher01/22/2020CertifiedCharlottesville High SchoolApply
Middle School Softball Head Coach01/22/2020CoachingBuford Middle SchoolApply
4th Grade Long Term Substitute Teacher - 2019-20 School Year01/22/2020SubstituteVenable Elementary SchoolApply
Internal Transfer Request (Lugo-McGinness Academy)-2020-21 School Year01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedLugo-McGinness AcademyApply
Internal Transfer Request (Charlottesville High School)-2020-21 School Year01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedCharlottesville High SchoolApply
Internal Transfer Request (Buford Middle School)- 2020-21 School Year01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedBuford Middle SchoolApply
Internal Transfer Request (Walker Upper Elementary)01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedWalker Upper Elementary SchoolApply
Internal Transfer Request (Venable Elementary)-2020-21 School Year01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedVenable Elementary SchoolApply
Internal Transfer Request (Johnson Elementary)01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedJohnson Elementary SchoolApply
Internal Transfer Request (Jackson-Via Elementary)-2020-21 School Year01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedJackson-Via Elementary SchoolApply
Internal Transfer Request (Greenbrier Elementary) - 2020-21 School Year01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedGreenbrier Elementary SchoolApply
Internal Transfer Request (Clark Elementary)-2020-21 School Year01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedClark Elementary SchoolApply
Internal Transfer Request (Burnley-Moran Elementary)01/16/2020Certified/ClassfiedBurnley-Moran Elementary SchoolApply
Math/Reading Intervention Teacher - 2019-20 School Year (Hourly)01/12/2020CertifiedWalker Upper Elementary SchoolApply
AVID Elective Long-Term Substitute Teacher - Charlottesville High01/12/2020CertifiedCharlottesville High SchoolApply
Speech-Language Pathologist Long Term Substitute (Half-Time)01/07/2020CertifiedJackson-Via Elementary SchoolApply
Elementary Teacher/Specialist Pool- 2020-21 School Year01/07/2020CertifiedDivision Administration OfficeApply
Night Shift Custodian01/06/2020CustodialBuford Middle SchoolApply
Assistant Nutrition Manager - 2019-20 School Year01/06/2020Food ServiceNutrition DepartmentApply
Secondary Teacher/Specialist Applicant Pool - 2020-21 School Year01/06/2020CertifiedDivision Administration OfficeApply
School Psychologist - 2019-20 School Year01/06/2020CertifiedDivision Administration OfficeApply
Custodian12/18/2019CustodialBuford Middle SchoolApply
One-to One Special Education Instructional Assistant - 2019-20 School Year12/10/2019Classified/SupportWalker Upper Elementary SchoolApply
Math Teacher - 2019-2020 School Year12/04/2019CertifiedLugo-McGinness AcademyApply
Technology Support Specialist12/04/2019Classified/SupportDivision Administration AnnexApply
Assistant Principal - Charlottesville High School - 2019-20 School Year11/11/2019CertifiedCharlottesville High SchoolApply
Math Teacher Pool- 2020-21 School Year11/04/2019CertifiedDivision Administration OfficeApply
1st & 2nd Grade Math Intervention Teacher - 2019-20 School Year (Hourly)11/04/2019CertifiedVenable Elementary SchoolApply
Assistant Swim Coach10/30/2019CoachingBuford Middle SchoolApply
First Grade Instructional Assistant Long-Term Substitute - 2019-20 School Year10/23/2019Classified/SupportBurnley-Moran Elementary SchoolApply
Reading Specialist Long Term Substitute - Johnson Elementary - 2019-20 School Year10/14/2019CertifiedJohnson Elementary SchoolApply
Substitute Secretary - 2019-20 School Year10/14/2019SubstituteDistrict WideApply
Substitute Teacher(s) -2019-2020 School Year10/07/2019SubstituteDistrict WideApply
CLASS Group Leader - 2019-20 School Year09/19/2019Classified/SupportCLASS ProgramApply